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Anastasia is a professional lingerie designer & pattern technologist with a Degree in Design & Technology.

Most of her career has been focused on industrial pattern making. The biggest achievement so far has been the opening of the production line for the largest retailer of lingerie in Russia “Wild Orchid”. In her last role she was in charge of the department of technical design, pattern cutting, and sample production. She worked a lot with the designers and brand managers throughout the process.

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Design is Creativity + Engineering

Having always been interested in Art and Design, she finished the course Lingerie and Swimwear Design at UAL London College of fashion and then decided to open her own Design Lingerie Studio. It is called “La vie de la Lingerie” (Life of Lingerie) because it covers all aspects of creating lingerie, its whole lifecycle.

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The tango panty model is just lovely! Sewing is very easy if you follow all the control marks. The most important thing is that the elastic is only on the belt! It doesn't press anything and the ass looks quite attractive. A very good alternative to thongs. Well, the fitting is perfect as always!


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