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My name is Anastasia and I am a professional lingerie pattern technologist and Designer (for a good measure) with a Degree in Design & Technology. At the very beginning I started as a seamstress in the biggest lingerie manufactory, which helped me to learn a lot about the process of creating and manufacturing lingerie. I can sew a sample myself, teach others, and assist with production. Most of my career has been focused on industrial pattern making. The biggest achievement so far has been the opening of the production line for one of the largest retailer of lingerie “Wild Orchid”. In my last role I was in charge of the department of technical design, pattern cutting, and sample production. I worked a lot with the designers and brand managers throughout the process. I loved my job very much and still have amazing relationships with my colleges. My “Wild Orchid” days were over when I married and moved abroad firstly to France and then to England. Having been always interested in Art and Design, I finished the course Lingerie and Sweamwear Design at UAL London College of fashion and then decided to open my own Design Lingerie Studio. It is called “La vie de la Lingerie” (Life of Lingerie) because I want to cover all aspects of creating my lovely Lingerie, its whole lifecycle.

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