How to find a right underwire for your breast.

It’s not really difficult but you need to have some tools.

First time I knew about this method  when we had the course from De Montfort University.

I’ll try to explain the basic rules:

P1. Find the breast root – this is the place where your breast tissue joins the chest.

P2. Put the Flexi Curve around your breast along the breast root.

P3. Now take the Flexi Curve away from your breast carefully (without changing the shape of the curve) and place it on a sheet of paper. Find an underwire which matches your breast root  or draw a line to help yourself to find a right wire.

P4. You can use the special table (e.g. I have 96 different bending wire shapes) to identify the shape and size of your underwire.

P5-6. When you find your underwire you can check it against your breast root.

The side of the underwire will be pulled a little bit  by the elastic tape of bra wings.

P7-8. Here you can see the underwires from my favorite bras.

They all have different shape and different lengths but the same diameter.

The shape of the wire should match the breast root. You can’t rotate the one type of wire to create new bra form. Each type of bra has its own type of wire. ( e.g balconette bra needs a deep U type wire). 


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